Camp ROLO Leaders Training

– Camp ROLO Leaders Training –

Leaders training weekends is an opportunity to come together, learn new skills and be challenged. These weekends happen 1 weekend a month and is a preparation for you to become a Camp Team Leader or a member of our A Team. There is no charge for the weekend, all you need to do is bring a pizza or something else for a shared tea on the Friday night.
Camp ROLO is a place where young peoples lives are changed. It is a place where they can try new things, be encouraged that they are unique, created by God, and have the potential to do amazing things potential to do amazing things.

Leaders Weekend starts from 5pm on the Friday and will finish approx. 10.00am the Sunday.

Please bring a pizza for Friday Nights Dinner

Upcoming Leaders Training Dates:

  • 14th – 16th August (Friday – Sunday)
  • 4th – 6th September¬†(Friday – Sunday)
  • 26th -27th September (Selected Leaders from the above weekends. Camp ROLO starts on the Monday)
  • 6th – 8th November¬†(Friday – Sunday)

To attend the upcoming training weekends please click on the link below to register your details: